Keto Trail Mix

Summer Days are fully upon is in the Pacific Northwest. My days are filled with endless trips to swimming lessons, spray parks, karate class, parks with large climbing structures, and picnics outside. The kids are super easy to pack snacks for. They love strong cheese, sliced apples, bananas, nuts, dried fruit, goldfish crackers, bottles and bottles of water, and literally any fruit they can get their sunscreen-covered hands on. It's trickier for me, as I personally don't want to eat three bananas and cheese crackers for lunch. 

I started making this easy trail mix to carry along with our summer activities. It's literally cubed up aged white Tillamook Cheddar, sliced Pepperoni and Bacon Sticks from Hemplers, and very crispy, crunchy Fletcher's Bacon. It's hardly a recipe, but it's amazing, and very worth making! It made for great snacking throughout the past week. It's easy to carry in my purse and the kids love eating it too! 


Slice the pepperoni / bacon sticks into half inch cubes. Add them to a bowl. 

Add the cheese cubes to the bowl and gently mix. 

Stir the crispy bacon in and enjoy! 

Corie CameronComment