Summer Super Dog

Summer is here and that means GRILLING weather! When it gets too hot to turn on your stove, simply head outside. These massive, juicy hotdogs are the perfect grilling food. (I can't manage to drop them between the grates that way!)

I made these last weekend for a BBQ we had, and everyone went nuts for them. The Hempler's Bun Buster Franks were We happened to have some smoked brisket on hand, but these would be equally delicious with pulled pork, shredded smoked chicken, or any other delicious smoked meat you can grab. 


Preheat your grill and get your hotdogs ready. I sliced mine open (butterflied) so they would get more char, cook faster, and not get too hot and burst open.  

Get your Jalapeno ready. Lightly coat the whole thing in oil. 

When the grill is hot, place the hotdogs and Jalapeno on the grill. Turn every three minutes or so until they are heated through. 

Lay the hotdogs cut side up and sprinkle over the shredded cheese. Once the cheese has melted, add a slice of smoked brisket to each hotdog. 

Thinly slice the grilled jalapeno and add the slices on top of the smoked brisket. Put it in a bun, lettuce wrap or just eat it out of hand! Enjoy! 

Corie CameronComment