Whole30 - Summary

So my whole30 ended a while back but being as I was at a wedding and away for the weekend, I wasn't able to share my results yet. I just counted, and I ate 59 eggs in 28 days. That's amazing! : ) 

I loved it! I loved the food I ate and the way I felt the whole time. I genuinely felt like lunches were the only difficult meal for me because those were the hours I was running errands and most likely to be away from the house. That being said, I did eat more RX bars, Lara Bars, and apples as "lunch" this time than I normally do. I try and make a point to cook enough for dinner at night for both Sean and me to eat for lunch the next day. That generally keeps things on a healthier note, saves money on overpriced sandwiches and salad bars, and we know we get to eat really tasty lunches! I think that lunches and my love of dark chocolate (and wine) are the main reason I couldn't stay on a whole30 forever. It's easy and great for so many reasons, and yet there are a few that just make it necessary to stop after a certain amount of time. 

I know the point isn't to lose weight. The point of a whole30 is to feel better and conquer your cravings. I feel that I accomplished that, but I did want to lose weight -and I did! I weighed 142 when I stopped (two days early too, because we went to Timberline Lodge for a wedding and there was just no way I was attempting that while on vacation!). I managed to lose 10 pounds, which is amazing! Even now, a week and a half later, I feel less bloated and don't crave sugar. I did put a splash of half and half into my coffee today, and I lived. Full-fat dairy does fine with me, so I will most likely occasionally have some. I still buy unsweetened almond or coconut milk for home, and I still make sure the sausage and tomato sauce I buy doesn't contain sugar. The 80/20 method works for me. I can eat very clean and healthy 80% of the time and have more of the occasional foods 20% (cauliflower pizza crust with fresh mozzarella anyone?!?!).

I also have to say having a fridge full of random vegetables and meats without a solid plan helped a lot. It's so easy to think you have all your meals mapped out and then realize something is missing and be blown off track. It's easier for ME to have a solid plan for dinner and a sort of idea about breakfast and lunch. For breakfast I usually consumed eggs, mainly because I love eggs and think they're super tasty and really healthy. Having all the vegetables at hand to make a scramble/omelette/hash is always an easy way to go. Sometimes you want sweet potatoes, kale and hot Italian sausage for breakfast. The next day you may want poached eggs over a bed of sauteed mushrooms and greens. Having all sorts of vegetables at hand just means that your creativity and recipes can be that much more accessible. 

I still have a ways to go with losing the baby weight, but I feel like it's attainable and not so daunting now. I was also able to throw away all of my pregnancy leggings, so I can at least fit in my normal clothes now! I'm confidant the last 20 pounds will come off easily in the next few months. I may even do another whole30- we shall see!