Whole30- Day 9

I woke up with an insanely swollen and sore throat today. I thought it was an allergic reaction at first, but I've never had any allergies... After I dropped Liam off at school, I made a quick trip (in and out in 30 minutes!) to the Urgent Care Facility. The test results came back within two minutes; I had Strep. Off to the grocery store to buy soup ingredients and the pharmacy for some Penicillin and then home to try and rest. Rest is really difficult with a 7 week old and 2.5 year old!  Anyway... as I was walking out the door for the doctor, the mailman dropped off my new cookbook! 


For breakfast I had some eggs with avocado. I wasn't hungry at all but basically forced myself to eat. Eggs are always delicious!  


Lunch was an apple and a bunch of Good Earth Tea. Has anyone tried these Opal Apples!? Let's just talk about these for a minute! The produce man at Met Market made me try one last week because I was looking for an apple as delicious as a Honeycrisp but maybe less than $3.99/pound. He showed me these. They're amazing! They look like boring, mushy Golden Delixious- but they're nothing like them! They're crispy, sour, super juicy and all around awesome. Go get some!  


For dinner I really wanted soup. There was a Tom Kha Gai recipe in the new Whole30 Cookbook that sounded great, so I went with that. I just had to double the jalapeño because the ones I bought had little to no heat. Funny thing- the jalapeños with the white lines down the side? Those ones are spicy! So if you ever want a really hot one, look for those! 

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