Whole30- Day 6

I'm so glad it's almost the weekend! Sean is off Saturday so we actually have a day to see our whole family. Normally he's working on the weekends, so it's a special treat on weekends he's home.  

For breakfast today I made slow cooked scrambled eggs with half an avocado. If you want the BEST scrambled eggs, with big chunks of juicy eggs, the key is to cook them low and slow. You just gently stir every so often so you're left with big pieces. I also drizzled over a little truffle oil and had the last bag of my favorite seasonal tea- the Tazo Joy.  (If anyone knows where to buy more, let me know!)


For lunch, I was running errands and ate in between picking children up, going to Target, and the grocery store. I had a coconut Lara Bar, an apple, and a La Croix water. These cans of water are so fun! My favorite flavors are the grapefruit and the cucumber blackberry, but they're pretty much all amazing! (I'm not big on the coconut actually, it has an artificial flavor and reminds me of sunscreen...) 


By dinner, I was starving! I guess that's the price is essentially snacking for lunch. Oops! I made an amazing bowl with all the things! I started with a head of cauliflower I pulsed in the food processor to make rice. I split this in two bowls and microwaved each for a minute and a half until soft. On top of that went sliced avocado, grapefruit, walnuts, sunflower seeds, roasted beets and radishes, diced Chicken, slices of jalapeño and a sauce made in the immersion blender with almond butter, coconut aminos, cilantro, garlic and some other tasty treats. 

The recipe is here:  http://www.halfbakedharvest.com/bitchin-california-bowl/

To make it whole30, I just skipped the pesto, chickpeas and cheese. I switched the soy sauce to coconut animos, and the barley to cauliflower rice. Almost any recipe can be adapted if you're creative. 

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