Whole30- Day 5

This morning was a hectic "get out of the house as fast as you can" kind of day. The kids each had school, and I had to be at the doctor for my 6-week post-op checkup. I managed to run home in between dropping the kids and heading to the doctor to make myself some breakfast.  


Sliced bananas, hemp seeds, cashews and coconut- always a winning combination!  

For lunch I just reheated the leftover spaghetti squash Alfredo from last night and fried an egg on top. Easy, fast, delicious! (And then Ellie saw my egg and needed two of her own. 😂)


Dinner was equally chaotic. I had to call the fire department to come check out the fire alarms and carbon monoxide detector. Again. They came to my house twice today... Maybe they have punch cards for people who can't operate their 8 smoke detecters! We tried all new batteries and one would still start chirping. We finally unhooked the wires. So each one is working with a battery but they're not hardwired through the house. Therefore we can sleep through the night! In silence! 👍🏻

I finally started dinner at 6 and had it ready in about ten minutes. I squeezed half a lemon over a bed of Swiss Chard and drizzled over some olive oil. I tossed in some toasted walnuts, raw sunflower seeds and a handful of hemp seeds. I seared some steaks Sean brought me in my handy cast iron skillet with steak seasoning and dinner was done! And how upset can anyone be when they're eating delicious strips of medium rare steak!?  


Now we're just hoping for a silent night where we aren't alerted to nothing from all the fire alarms going off at once! Fingers crossed! 🤞  

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