Whole30- Day 4

It's COLD today! I believe my car said 28 when I dropped Liam off at school. It's so windy I can hear it in my house! For some reason cold weather makes me want spicy food. I guess it's an easy way to warm up! For breakfast I fried two eggs in avocado oil, making sure to leave them nice and runny. I then topped these with salt and pepper, nutritional yeast (also known as brewer's yeast...) and hot sauce. I served this with half an avocado thinly sliced. Delicious! I was thinking about how it's such a good thing I love eggs!  


For lunch, I made a sort of "tortilla" from egg whites. It was three egg whites cooked in a skillet in an omelette basically. I sheredded the beef from the night before, added some hot sauce and chopped cilantro and lunch was done! The egg white wrap was easy to pick up and eat, but ended up exuding too much liquid so I wound up eating it with a fork. But it was fun, and a nice change to eggs. (Besides who actually likes a bunch of egg whites on their own? Boring! I only had these because I made a very non-whole30 chocolate mousse last week and they were in the fridge; homeless.)  


For dinner I made spaghetti squash with roasted cauliflower, a coconut-cashew Alfredo sauce and a poached egg. I drizzled over some delicious truffle oil, because I could. 😄 Amazing! Sean doesn't even like spaghetti squash and he gobbled this all up!  

Recipe here:  http://www.halfbakedharvest.com/creamy-coconut-cashew-spaghetti-squash-alfredo-roasted-cauliflower/#bo-recipe


The evening ended with some excitement! I decided to run a self clean on the oven. I started it around 8, and it was supposed to run for three hours and then have an hour cool down. Well... around 10, all the fire alarms in the entire house started going off and things got fun! It was sort of hazy/smoky, and we could NOT get them to stop!!! We wound up taking them all down (including the one in Ellie's room and the one in Liam's room. Neither child woke up!) and pulling the batteries out. We then aired the house out, opened windows and started fans. Fire alarms were reset and rehung. Fast forward to 3:30 am and they all started going off again! It took Sean another five minutes to shut them off again, and this time we were forced to leave the batteries out. Oh! And the best part- this time the carbon monoxide one went off too! So I'm really confused and sitting in a somewhat burned-toast-smelling house. I shall be calling the fire department today and seeing if there's an actual problem or if my oven just hates me. Oops! No more oven cleaning at night! Lesson learned... 😳 

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