Whole30- Day 3

Today started a bit earlier. Liam is back in school starting today. As much as I love all the time I've had with him over the two week break, I'm excited to get back to our routine and schedule. This morning was a little scattered. It was my first time getting the kids ready alone since the baby was born. I'm proud to say I was at the school drop off line with seven minutes to spare! #momwin  

Beeakfast was a three-egg omelette with roasted pork and salsa.  Ellie saw what I was having and asked for "eddies and meat" as well. That kid ate three whole eggs too! 


Lunch was last night's cashew chicken over a big bed of spinach. The spinach was so good, I think that the next time I make the dish, I'll serve it this way!  


Dinner was slow cooked beef with pepperoncinis. I added two and a half pounds of beef stew meat to the slow cooker with 12 pepperoncinis that I sliced in half. I added a cup and a half of mushroom stock, a half cup of the juice from the pepperoncini jar, a tablespoon of herbs de Provence, and a tablespoon of poultry seasoning from a local shop (rosemary, oregano, rhyme, sea salt, pepper). I served this slow cooked meal in Boston Bibb Lettuce wraps and it was awesome! 


For snacks today I had part of an apple my children were eating, half a bag of plantain chips with guacamole, some roasted almonds and a coconut chocolate Lara Bar. Yum! 

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