Whole30- Day 24

Breakfast today was sausage and kale with a fried egg on top.


At the local grocery store they had red peppers for a dollar a bag so I'm drowning in red peppers now... I made a frittata with red peppers, Swiss chard and sausage. I stirfried all my veggies and then poured the eggs in, then tossed that under the broiler until it was cooked- about three minutes. I intended to eat half of this today and half for lunch tomorrow but Sean came home from work and ate it as a pre-dinner snack... 


For dinner I made west African cashew soup.  It was delicious!!! It's chunks of chicken thighs and almond butter and more red peppers... The soup was from the Paleo soups and stews book which I am loving! 

Corie CameronComment