Whole30- Day 22

People ask me for suggestions and tips quite frequently for making the Whole30 process easier, and the number one thing I can say is to stuff your fridge with vegetables. I walk every aisle of the produce department. I get whatever I need for specific dinner recipes and then just grab things for breakfasts and lunch, and sometimes snacking. I can't tell you how many mornings have ended up like this one; where I stand at the fridge and grab a hodgepodge of vegetables from the fridge and make a super FAST meal that's satisfying and delicious. Today took me maybe five to ten minutes from start to finish. I grabbed broccoli, kale, garlic, tomatoes, a zucchini, a chunk of a yellow pepper and the tube of sausage I had in the fridge. It was essentially a stir fry that I deglazed with some sherry vinegar. It's always a different variation on the same thing. It's basically a hot salad... since I'm not a cold breakfast person. You can top it with sausage or eggs, you can mix up the vegetables. It's so easy and so good! You don't always need a recipe to eat really well! 


I didn't get a picture of my lunch as I was driving the kids around and running between errands. I had an apple and a bag of carrot sticks with some almond butter. (Anyone tried that Kirkland brand almond butter? Yum! It's a great value!)

Dinner was the roasted poblano pork and sweet potato chili verde. The boys were watching football, so this was deemed appropriate "football food". It was honestly even better the second day! I'm really glad we doubled the recipe because between dinner, Sean's lunch at work, and dinner again, we ate it all. Oops! Too bad there was none of the salsa left I cooked the pork in, because it would have been an amazing way to poach eggs! Next time...

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