Whole30- Day 20

Breakfast today was a sautéed and sliced up Italian Sausage from Isernio's again. It's just so easy... I poached two eggs and had half an avocado as well. I have a serious addiction to avocado and fracked black pepper so I covered my plate in pepper. Yum!  


Lunch was a sort of recreation of last night's dinner. I used most of a head of big bushy red leaf lettuce, half an avocado diced up, and another chicken breast that I chunked up as well. This green goddess dressing... it's so damn good. It's super fresh and tangy and just makes you want to scoop it straight into your mouth. If guacamole and pesto had a baby, this would be it! 🥗 


Dinner was a recipe I found on Heather Cheisto's blog. I skipped the white wine but everything else was compliant. It was creamy mustard mushroom chicken. I used the coconut cream can from Trafee Joe's that I'm so obsessed with. I think I have two cans left- I need to make it there soon!!!  

Chicken recipe: http://heatherchristo.com/2015/03/22/chicken-with-creamy-mushroom-mustard-sauce/

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