Whole30 - Day 16

Today was a crazy day! It started out by me taking Liam to school. I got halfway to the school when it occurred to me there was no traffic and very little action at the schools I was passing. Then it hit me. It was Martin Luther King Jr. Day! And I was an idiot. Liam acted like I cancelled Christmas. He was so disappointed, and pretty sure I was wrong. So we wound up driving the rest of the way to the school so I could prove that the other kids weren't there either. A quick promise for a park trip later in the day solved our problem. 

Breakfast was fried eggs and kale with red pepper flakes. Spicy and super runny yolks. Yes, Yes, Yes! 

After the park we made a quick lunch from sausage and veggies. I sauteed one uncased Isernio's Italian sausage with a bell pepper, a chopped zucchini, some jalapeno slices, and a bunch of chard leaves. I don't know why I've never made stir fry with sausage before! So good! (And fast!) 

I finally worked up the courage to take the three kids alone to the YMCA. They ran a special for the first two weeks of January where there was no joining fee. Today was the last day, so I had no choice. I'm so glad we joined! The kids are excited about taking ballet, gymnastics, swimming lessons (even though Liam has them at school, I'd love more) and karate. Liam randomly told me today he wants to try wrestling too. He claims he loves wrestling and yet won't tell me who he wrestles. Okay then! Honestly, they can try whatever sport they want, it will be good for them! 

I got home around six and needed dinner fast! I got out the Instant Pot and threw in a cut up pork tenderloin, a sliced red pepper, an onion, a bunch of green beans and a pint of mushrooms. I added a can of full-fat coconut milk and a jar of the Trader Joe's Curry Simmer Sauce. This stuff is amazing for last-minute quick meals. There's no junk it in and it's under $3 a jar! I try to always have a few in my pantry for days like today! Lifesaver! 15 minutes of pressure and dinner was served! 

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