Whole30- Day 11

For breakfast today I made sausage and Chard with a fried egg. I sautéed up a few leaves of Chard, a sliced up cooked sausage and a half a jalapeño, then fried an egg on top. Spicy! 


Lunch was leftover tomato soup with more nutritional yeast.  


Dinner was amazing! I seared off pork tenderloin with blackened seasonings. I found asparagus for $1.99 at the local grocery store somehow and broiled those.  Then I made a white BBQ sauce. I made 1 cup of aioli (garlic mayo) and added in apple cider vinegar and a chopped poblano pepper that I roasted on the stove. Ohmyyum! I seriously want this on everything. It would be awesome on potato salad, colslaw, with grilled (or fried) fish... just yes! 

Corie CameronComment